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What is Google Adwords & How does it Works ?

As we all know Google is the number one search engine in the world, apart from basic features like search, the Google also provides users with other useful services and one of the utility service AdWords ads are, so what are AdWords ads? You already know about this service?

When someone searches Google using one of your keywords in your keyword there, then if you Google Adwords ads search results will appear, by which you will be advertising for SMEs customers interested in your business through the keywords you choose.

When mentioning Google ads first thing we have to know this is the biggest advertising system in the world, covering over 80% of internet traffic of the world so it has the highlights.





When you use Google Adwords ad , your ad will show when users search using keywords related to products or services that you supply side.

Low cost, high efficiency and flexible budget management, you will know your daily budget is used up, how much, when your ad appears is when users search for the products / services your service, every customer to your website is a potential customer.

1. Who can use Google Adwords advertising service?

Everyone from organizations and individuals in the world to have used google can use google adwords advertising services. And when using Google Adwords advertising services you need to set up, adjust and optimize advertising costs so requires someone knowledgeable about Google’s services can be deployed.

Fastest to reach customers: appears in the first position or the most visible location will help customers access the product / service you most quickly.

2. Advertising forms

Google will provide solutions to customers in the form of Pay per Click (pay-per-click). The google ads will appear on the results page that you decide you want to appear and show by one of the first three positions, or 8 position on the right of the google page 1 with 3 main forms: advertising keywords on search engines, keyword advertising on the website and banner ads on Web sites.

3. Price ads on google

Price ads on google search network is calculated by CPC, that is only when searchers click on your ad, which you have to pay. Whether you appear many times, but the searchers did not click on the ads, you do not have to pay. And ads on the Google search network only be valued by a single method is a calculation of the click.

4. The ability to measure good

The ability to measure advertising effectiveness direction of this service is one of the features that users appreciate. Google Adwords offers more than 50 detailed reports help you make the correct evaluation of the campaign is running and reasonable adjustments. 50 this report gives you a detailed understanding with accurate data about the entire campaign, the groups of keywords to specific keywords, geographic regions, demographics, etc …

5. Create a reputation for promotional messages

Google Adwords ads are only visible to those who are in need of search. The information displayed will then seem to be helpful rather than harmful. Google Adwords does not understand how to market an ungainly which are arranged in a reasonable position. Moreover, your ads will appear alongside Google’s logo. This is a very useful recognizance. Google today is one of the services generated enormous sympathy from internet users. Your brand can leverage that goodwill to help create a friendly for advertisers towards.

We can say now rare form of advertising keywords optimized and less costly as Google Adwords google adwords advertising thus will be the smart choice for your potential customers to find products / services you offer.

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