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Facebook Advertising | How Facebook Ads Work | Facebook for Business

How Facebook Adverts Work Advertising on Facebook for Business  Marketing on Facebook Learn how to advertise on Facebook for Business Facebook Ads Guide to Advertising on Facebook

Today, almost everyone owns at least one account on the social network makes it a place to focus a large amount of potential customers. Sales opportunities, promote the brand and create a competitive advantage seems unlimited. The communication strategy of the Orange Wings can promote brand identity, driven visits to the site and to ensure the goal of increasing sales.

Users can join networks organized under the city, workplace, school and region to connect and communicate with others. People also can make friends and send them messages, and update the profile page to inform his friends. With features associated advantages Vietnamese, rich in social network service Facebook is currently the most widely popular in Vietnam and has more than 500 million participants worldwide and is ranked as the social network is used The most commonly used worldwide.

Advertising on Facebook easily reach younger customers: students, students and office workers, offices … Many businesses are aware of special advantage of Facebook with the ability to spread quickly and interoperability high-operation has developed promotional activities, community building fans on Facebook.

Advantages of Advertising on Facebook:

  1. Reaching potential customers exactly according to Age – Gender – Geographic Region – Preference – marital status …
  2. Interactive and high transmission: Can advertising link or 1 to 1 post on Facebook page -> easy to share, like, comment, subscribe …
  3. Ad template impressive: including image + text -> advantages in branding, logo, product …
  4. Unlimited ads -> transmit a lot of pictures and messages in one campaign
  5. Budget is not limited to a minimum. Flexible control by day or by the entire campaign.
  6. Like indirect increase + Reach + Talking to Fanpage

Currently, Facebook is the largest social network in Vietnam and the world. Facebook believes that Facebook’s advertising services will enable marketers to develop their relationship with consumers beyond traditional advertising. Along learn what you may not know about the advertising services facebook to understand Facebook’s services better offline.

Ad placements are provided facebook

Currently Facebook is offering advertising packages on the bulletin board, the right side of the home page, in a newsletter on a mobile phone, when you quit Facebook, and according to customer requirements.



In this form, the form when you quit facebook and according to customer requirements, the less people know and use. In fact, advertising on demand is free, allows the marketer to share information, discounts and promotions for users of Facebook.

The basic form of advertising on Facebook


– Creative templates include a 100x72px image size, title and up to 25 characters maximum description line to 90 characters;

– Link to the website of the Customer;

– Show the right of the Facebook page.


– Samples are taken from advertising or 1 Post on Fanpage Fanpage

– Link on or Post on Fanpage Fanpage

– Show in News Feed (middle) and the right of the Facebook page.

– Indirect + rose Like Talking About This for Reach + Fanpage

3. Advertising install apps on Facebook’s mobile operating system Android or iOS (or Facebook Mobile Apps Ads Install / Install Now Facebook Ads)

Advertising forms Install Mobile Apps Facebook Ads matching businesses want to promote and increase the number of people who install and use applications on mobile.

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