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Top 10 Android Games for Phones

Top 10 game applications for the Android operating system We offer a list that contains 10 of the best gaming app for Android.


Top 10 Android Games Free

1. Bad Piggies

game developed by Rovio. Here we are invited to play for the green pigs who need to pave the way to the finish line. In the first level for that we need to rebuild uncomplicated vehicle. Of course, each new level, the game in which there are 100 pieces, will contain a more complex puzzle. Bad Piggies has a very interesting soundtrack and excellent physics and HD-graphics.

2. Angry Birds

In this puzzle game you have to win the eggs retrieved evil pigs for the purpose of cooking eggs. Your task – to shoot a slingshot birds fighting them asylum. The level will be considered fully complete in the event that all pigs will be destroyed. Angry Birds has a large number of different episodes, each, and which contains a lot of levels. The game also has an additional bonus, with which the passage of the game becomes more interesting.

3. Sperm Defense

game will allow to have fun and forget about all the confusion. It has 100 exciting levels, passing that you have to press a finger moving sperm, as well as a variety of viruses, germs, bacteria, and other muck. You can also use your arsenal of weapons, which contains an electrical impulse, acidic water, and fire a grenade launcher. Life – is the main goal of the game, which you need to move fast.

4. Jetpack Joyride

The main character of this game – brave and eager to win the boy Barry Steffi’s. He should steal in a secret laboratory jetpacks, while remaining unnoticed, and then go on your trip. He will have to fight with the evil scientists who will soon notice its disappearance. For combat purposes, it has only a machine gun The Jetpack, but by collecting coins, an arsenal of weapons, you can easily fill up.

5. Fruit ninja

where you simply need to ruthlessly destroy all bouncing fruit using a samurai sword. But along with fruit and still bounce all kinds of bombs, hitting on that, you lost one life. In addition, the game can earn additional lives and if, for example, cut fruit 100 successively. Fruit ninja has very simple controls, as well as excellent graphics and sound.

6. Speed Night

The wonderful racing simulator, which gives the opportunity to fly through the city on a powerful sports car. To the car began its movement or speed, only one finger touching the display. Speed Night has a leaderboard and allows you to open new cars, for which valuable coins during gameplay to be collected.

7. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

sat behind the wheel of the aircraft, you will be transported during the First World War. You need to be completely cleaned and protect the enemy territory. In addition to the company consisting of 12 levels, which realistically convey the atmosphere of those times, the game is also a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends. You can also come up with their own battles and missions.

8. Bike Race

where you need using the accelerometer to control a sports bike, doing a lot of tricks. Bike Race features eight worlds, 13 bikes, and 64 tracks, each of which needs to take place with a certain feature.

9. Stupid Test

This game will calculate the value of your IQ. You will be offered plenty of very simple questions, but it just seems that they are simple. Stupid Test contains 50 hilarious episodes and control questions. If you really pass all levels without any difficulty, you get a very high score the IQ, which will be able to directly from the game share on social networks.

10. Cruz balls! Bubble Break

The addictive game in which you need to break the balls of the same color, thus clearing the playing field. The most interesting thing here is that the balls after the destruction left behind an empty space that is surrounding the balls are not displaced. And so they moved, it is necessary to tilt the mobile device in the desired direction.

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