Newer Gadgets Raise Concern On Protection For Longevity

Gadgets like the camcorder, the MP3 player, the point and shoot camera and the GPS device are quickly being rendered obsolete given the functionality of smartphones. Sales of smartphones are up this year with numerous people wanting to own the easy to carry multitasking device. Moreover, gadgets like the laptops and tablet computers with beefed up speeds and memory are also taking over the antique desktops. These gadgets take up little space, are portable and do not tether a user to a desk, informs CNET senior writer Donald Bell.

However, protection of these gadgets remains a key issue. With water and gadgets being the worst enemies, a new spray-on coating called the Golden Shellback clear coating, is being developed at the Northeast Maritime Institute to keep gadgets cent percent waterproof. This coating of a thickness of about a thousandth of an inch is expected to cost over USD 1000 for a laptop and few hundred dollars for a mobile phone or a MP3 player.

Newer Gadgets Raise Concern On Protection For Longevity

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  • By omeoomedia, April 21, 2011 @ 8:59 am

    Nice article. Hope protection of these gadgets won’t be any issues

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