Falling Market Share of Smartphones in US Raises Concern in the Industry

Falling Market Share of Smartphones in US Raises Concern in the Industry

The second quarter of 2012 has seen the shipments of Smartphone falling down by 5 percent annually, to arrive at 24 million units in the US, as per the research reports from Strategy Analytics. The operating system supported by Android has also lost ground to its competitors in the smartphone industry like Apple Inc, leading to a fall in its market share by 4 points to a closing figure of 56 percent.

The Associate Director at Strategy analytics, Alex Spektor, has added that the growth rate in the second quarter has been the slowest in the US Smartphones market. The major reasons for the slowdown in the market of Smartphones has been attributed to a volatile economy, the tightening of upgradation policies by major players for enhancing their profits and the maturity in the penetration of smartphones amongst the contract subscribers of mobile devices.

Neil Mawston, the Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, has commented that as per the estimations regarding the shipment of smartphones, Android has notched 13.4 million units accounting for 56 percent US market share in Q2. He added that the market share of Android was reaching its peak and though it still remained at the top on the charts, it was increasingly loosing its position to Apple iOS.

The market share of the Blackberry smartphones has also dropped in the United States from 11 percent to 7 percent over the past twelve months, making it reach its bottom point in recent years.

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