X Sting Wish stops the fire

X Sting Wish stops the fire

Sometimes, designers take a look at devices and ask why we do things a certain way. Take fire extinguishers, for example. They are confusing to use with a canister in one hand and a hose in the other. Controls are hardly instinct, so designer Adam Scott has created the X Sting Wish.

As you can see, the X Sting Wish is a regular fire extinguisher, but with a definite futuristic twist. In fact, if Ripley from Aliens needed to put out a fire, she would definitely use this. The design is like that of a heavy machine gun that is "easily used, easily recognized". So all you need to do is point and shoot and fire on the fire.

So, are we looking at a future where the X Sting Wish will be on the walls of office buildings to be used "In Case of Emergency". That is definitely my wish for the X Sting Wish.


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