Ultra Portable Keyboard With A Darth Vader Feel To It

When Darth Vader takes his PDA out for a bout of solar system destruction, the last thing he wants is a clunky, so-called "portable" keyboard trailing behind him. Enter the Bluetooth Laser Portable Keyboard from X-Treme Geek, in fetching light saber red.

Ultra Portable Keyboard With A Darth Vader Feel To It

Coolest Gadgets reports"X-treme Geek brings you the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is a lightweight projector that can be used with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or PDA. Once you're ready to use it, you connect via Bluetooth and you tap the projected images of the keys and the Virtual Keyboard knows which keys you've typed and responds instantly with audible clicks. I don't know how it works – but it's pretty damn cool that it knows not only what keys you're "pushing", but to also add the sound of a clicking key to that motion. You can also adjust the key sensitivity."

The good news is that you don't need to master the dark side of the force to use one, just shell out $199 instead.

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