TouchCharge Aims to Remove Clutter from Your Gaming Rig

TouchCharge Aims to Remove Clutter from Your Gaming Rig

If you have a current generation gaming system, then you understand how wonderful wireless controllers are. The cables, chargers, rechargeable batteries, and charging docks however are a pain in the rear. Psyclone aims to change all of that with their TouchCharge contact based charging system. The idea is a good one.

The Psyclone TouchCharge is a charging pad and contact Charger pair that is compatible with the the PS3 controller, Wii Remote, and XBox 360 controller. You simply attach the contact charger to the controller and lay it dow on the charging pad. When contact is made, the controller charges. This is great for when you have to run to the kitchen or bathroom, and simply set down the controller for a second. When you set it on the charger, the TouchCharge will take advantage of your downtime and charge the controller a bit.

The charging set is $69.99 for the XBox, $59.99 for the Wii, and $49.99 for the PS3. Contact chargers for the Blackberry Curve, Pearl, and Motorola RAZR V3 as well. As soon as an iPod connector comes out, I am rushing to BestBuy or WildCharge to get me one.

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