That’s About As Useful as a Solar Powered Flashlight


When you think about it, a solar-powered flashlight isn't such a bad idea. The battery would need to be solar-charged, and the battery would need to last at least one 8-12 hours. I bet that is what the engineers behind the Hybrid Solar Flash Light were thinking too.

The Hybrid Solar Flash Light is a small, compact flash light capable of 40 Lumens of illumination. Granted, the light source isn't super powerful, but in the dark any light helps. It also is water-resistent for up to 80 feet. What makes this flash light cool is that the handle has built-in solar panels that automatically charge the onboard batteries.

The flashlight, which runs for $24.95, will produce light for 10 hours on one charge and is reported to hold a charge for three years. If you are tired of throwing away batteries, but you still need a little light, then check out the Hybrid Solar Flash Light.

via Slipperybrick.

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