SmartMirror Puts GPS In Your Face


I love my GPS. The funny thing is, I don't remember ever being lost before I had it, but now that I do own one, I am always using it. It seems so futuristic and cool to drive my 10 year old truck with a satellite guided navigational system. The new SmartMirror by Azentek takes the GPS concept and makes it just a bit cooler. Check out their new GPS enabled SmartMirror.

This replacement rear-view mirror comes equipped with an integrated GPS system running the Navigon Mobile Navigator 6.5 software. The unit also features a SD card slot and 64 MB of internal memory. The GPS is touch screen enabled and features voice assisted directions. In addition to the GPS system, the Azentek SmartMirror also features bluetooth features for hands-free calling and on screen caller-ID.

This very cool driving gadget does come with a pretty high price, but with all of the features right there in front of your face, it might be worth it. The SmartMirror is $799, and will be available in August.

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