Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Machine

Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Machine

Sometimes I miss the days of pinball, and want a pinball machine in my own home. Assuming I could afford an actual pinball machine, I probably couldn't fit it in the small space that is my home.

Fortunately, everyone's favorite mail order company Hammacher Schlemmer has perfected the Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Game. You can hang it on the wall, and instead of standing up to work the flippers, you can use a remote control. It is powered by a one 9-volt battery, which is enough for all the fun of flippers, hidden tunnels, and lots of electric lights.

The Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Game is available now on the Hammacher Schlemmer website for a price of $119.95.


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  • By Nick, January 29, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

    NOOOOO, don’t do it. get a proper pinball machine!

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