Motorola’s Two-Pronged Attack

Motorola's Two-Pronged Attack

Guess what's coming up, kids: the iPhone launch, in less than a month. Even if you've managed to purge Apple's newest technological gambit from your conscious mind, Motorola hasn't and they're gearing up for war with retooled versions of two popular products.

First, they announced the launch of the RAZR2. Featuring a design that's 2 millimeters slimmer than the original RAZR and lacking the original's "double chin," the new RAZR also has two video screens (one on the front, one inside), 2 GB of memory for storage and a feature called CrystalTalk, which is meant to improve conversation clarity in crowded areas. There's also email, pictures, web-browsing – everything you'd expect from an iPhone competitor. Assuming the RAZR can break out of the everyman image it's acquired for itself over the past year, it might be a viable option for someone not looking to drop $600 on a phone.

Second, for the business-minded crowd, Motorola announced a new version of the Q, equipped with Windows Mobile 6, a light-adaptive screen, 2.0 megapixel camera, macro buttons for auto-launching applications and two processors for faster downloading and browsing. For some reason, Motorola is launching the Q in Italy first, then expanding throughout the rest of the world "in the coming months." The announcement also filled me with irrational jealousy because I want one. Damn you, gear lust!

Via The Seattle Times

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