Microsoft Has a Big Year Ahead Of Them

Microsoft Has a Big Year Ahead Of Them
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The rumor machine is running full bore over at Microsoft. There are three major software releases looming in the near future: Windows 7, Windows Mobile 7, and Microsoft Office 14; the cool thing is that it looks like all of three software releases might be hitting the streets within a year. It looks like FY 2009/2010 is going to be big for Microsoft.

First, Windows 7 is expected to hit PC's as early as September. According to PC contractors, they are prepping for a street date in early September or October. This information is in line with rumors of a April release candidate of the OS that is currently in open beta. If this is true, then the holiday season may be good for PC suppliers and software manufacturers.

Second, for Windows Mobile 7 and Office 14, Microsoft tough guy Steve Balmer has prepped the world for a probable release of both the Mobile OS and the Productivity Suite this next fiscal-year. Balmer has also asserted that Microsoft is working toward a release of Microsoft branded cell phones in the next year as well.

Again, these are all rumors, and only Microsoft knows the truth behind Microsoft's plans, but as the market-share of Microsoft hardware and software continues to be dogged on almost all fronts. If Microsoft does not do something big this year, shareholders and users might revolt.

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