Micro Camcorder: World’s Smallest Camcorder

Micro Camcorder: World's Smallest Camcorder

Question: What can you do with the World's Smallest Camcorder?
Answer: Maybe it's better not to know.

It was only a matter of time before cameras got so small that they would fit into a pack of gum. Let us hope that they will not be used for the immoral of reasons. Ladies, you might want to check your bathroom for these before you strip down for your shower.

All joking aside, this little toy can record up to 33 hours of video on its 1GB SD card. It is also capable of 2 hours of battery life, but it only works at 15 frames per second.

The World's Smallest Camcorder or micro Camcorder is available on Spy Gadgets for $295.00.

Via SCI FI Tech

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