Logitech Z Series Speakers Bring Serious Surround Sound

Logitech Z Series Speakers Bring Serious Surround Sound

Most of us use a computer or personal media player as a music hub in our homes, and unfortunately, few people spend the time and money to find great speakers for portable devices or a desktop computer. With the new Z-320 and Z-520 series of speakers, Logitech is trying hard to make good sound both more convenient and more affordable. The new Logitech speaker line looks like they will offer power and sound quality for a great cost.

The Z-320 and Z-520 versions offer small but powerful satellite speakers weighing in at 10 Watts for the Z-320 and 26 watts for the Z-520. For an apartment, or single floor of a house, that should be enough to fill it with sound. The Z-323 and Z-523 add to the mix a powerful, down-firing sub woofer with a 6.5 inch driver. All the sets include Logitech's faux surround sound called 360 degree sound, or "omnidirectional acoustics". I have seen this demoed at an electronics store, and it does sound very rich, and quite impressive. Granted, I am not a professional audiophile, but I could not tell the difference between the Logitech system and $600 pro systems. Both the Logitech Z-320 and Z-520 systems also include axillary ports for a personal media player, so you can have access to your entire music library at once.

The best part about these systems is that they start at only $69, and the most expensive set is only $129. Personally, I feel that $99 for a well designed, good sounding speakers system with a sub woofer is a great deal. After all, generic 5 watt speakers from a discount store run around $30. I am not a sound freak, but I do like to listen to good music, and the right speakers always seem to help. These Logitech speakers will be available soon both in the US and the UK, and I look forward to trying them out.

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