Linux Makes Windows Super Secure

Linux Makes Windows Super Secure

Hypothetical situation: you're a company with a lot of trade secrets and a lot of road warriors with laptops, that go to many, many places with Internet connections with less than optimal security. The people who operate these laptops aren't geeks by any stretch of the imagination, or even if they are, they aren't exactly up on the latest trends in hacking, so someone ends up hacking into their computer, stealing something valuable…big loss and heartache for anyone who's involved who isn't the thief. What to do?

An Israeli security company called Yoggie has a solution: the Gatekeeper. A small box that hooks into an Ethernet connection between your computer and the wall, the Gatekeeper runs an especially secure version of Linux that's meant to stop any and all attacks through the connection. According Yoggie's CEO, as reported on LinuxDevices, the Gatekeeper stopped "125,077 security threats, 16,827 attempts to break its firewall rules, 100,898 intrusion attempts, and thousands of viruses and spyware attacks, including hundreds of new attacks not listed in current anti-virus signatures" all before they hit the computer. Of course, that doesn't list the number of false positives or attacks that *did* get through, but it's an impressive set of figures none-the-less. The Gatekeeper is available from Yoggie for $220.


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