Kindle Hunter iRex Reader 1000 Due Today – My Kindle is Safe

Kindle Hunter iRex Reader 1000 Due Today - My Kindle is Safe
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There are gadgets I have bought because of the hype, and now they either have hit the streets via Craigslist, or are currently gathering dust. Take my son's Wii for example – its only job right now is to sit next to my PS3 and look ugly. My Amazon Kindle, on the other hand, is not one of those devices. It was purchased six months ago, and it is still getting used nearly every day. Today, Netherlands-based iRex Technologies wants to change that, but I think my Kindle is safe.

iRex Technologies is releasing the iRex Reader 1000 today, and I am a bit interested. It is a 10.2 inch e-book reader capable of rendering MS Word, PDF, and HTML documents. Like any respectable e-book reader, it features a passive e-ink display and gobs of battery time. The iRex Reader 1000 will also, for a price, come with a bluetooth, WiFi, and a touch screen for notes and interaction. All in all it sounds very sexy. Did I mention the price?

The iRex Reader will start at $650 (my Kindle runs $359). That sexy writable screen will cost another $100 (I can take notes on my $359 Kindle), and the super-sexy wi-fi, Bluetooth and a 3G cell connection will set you back $850 (Kindle – $359).

Does the extra screen real estate warrant the $500 premium for similar features? Is my Kindle killed? Nope.


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