iWallet: A High Tech Portable, Personal Safe

iWallet: A High Tech Portable, Personal Safe

Boy, it sure is nice when an innovation comes along that finally seems worthy of the year 2010. Science fiction movies and books have convinced us for years that by 2010 we would have flying cars, video phones, and personal teleportation devices. We're not quite there yet but iWallet Corp. has a device that would fit right in.

Calling it the iWallet, this new gadget is a small hard case cash and credit card wallet constructed of carbon fiber. The kicker is only the user can open it as it recognizes fingerprints thanks to an incorporated biometric reader.

If that's not enough security to make you feel safe, a Bluetooth link to your cellular phone can be established so that if the iWallet is ever more than 15-30 ft away from the phone, a loud alarm will go sound. This isn't only handy in thwarting pick pockets, it could very well prevent a user from forgetting their phone at a restaurant, on the bus and so on.

For more on the iWallet, click here. There is also a cool Youtube clip on its functions that can be viewed here.

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