iCube, iRec, I like!

iCube, iRec, I like!

If you want videos on your iPod, you can do it the hard way: record the vid, hook the camera up to your computer, then download it straight to your iPod. Or, you could use the easy way: use the iCube iRec.

The iCube iRec is designed to record 640 x 480 pixel video from any camera. You then connect the camera via composite or S-Video source into the iRec dock, which will then automatically go into your iPod. The iRec dock also recharges your iPod as it records, and the captured video footage can be easily synced back to your computer if you want.

This $180 USD recorder is out now. The site I found it on was on iCube's Korean site, so I'm not certain if this product is yet available in the United States. I think it's something that a lot of Americans would want, and it's another "sign of the times" as to how the times are changing. Pretty soon, video cameras will have iPod docks and eliminate the middle man entirely.


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