Huffy Green Machine H2O gonna make you wet

Huffy Green Machine H2O gonna make you wet

I would hope that all of our readers had a Big Wheel growing up. I remember how I used to ride that three-wheeled contraption in my backyard for hours. I was not fortunate enough to own the Green Machine, a definite upgrade of the Big Wheel. In fact, to compare the Green Machine to the Big Wheel is like comparing a Hummer to an old jeep.

The Big Wheel had one lever by the seat for a brake, but the Green Machine had two located near the Handlebars. I'm not certain if they were brakes, but I remember the ads showed the little tykes doing these controlled spins, like they were fresh out of a junior stunt-driving school.

It appears Huffy has made the Green Machine even fancier by giving it an offensive weapon. As you can see from the little nozzle in front, this Green Machine H20 is packing firepower in the form of water. The refillable tank in the back is pressurized, so it can shoot at twenty feet.

So, parents, this is what to get your kid if you want him or her to be the James Bond of the Big Wheel world. It can be purchased on Amazon for about $100.


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