Elmo’s Micro Video Camera System Doesn’t Tickle

Elmo's Micro Video Camera System Doesn't Tickle

I didn't realize that elmo wasn't just some red muppet who likes to be tickled, but a big company as well. Last week the company unveiled its newest creation, the micro video camera system.

As you can see, the tiny camera (approx. 3.3 inches long) is mounted near the shoulder to record at the…uh, breast. Attached to this "nipple-cam" is a TFT 2.2 inch LCD monitor.

I can see where this would come in handy. Say you are a security guard and you are about to enter into a questionable situation. All you need to do is if the monitor one touch, and you are recording for posterity's sake.

No word on price of availability of this security product.

Via Aving.net

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