Earloomz Hopes to Bring Personal Style to Your Handset

Earloomz Hopes to Bring Personal Style to Your Handset

Don't let Paris Hilton's recent lack of tabloid coverage throw you; Americans are as fashion conscious as ever. Once in a while the combination of fashion and function merge and electronics is as good a market as any for this phenomena to be witnessed.

Earloomz LLC is bringing a new collection of Bluetooth Earpieces to the market, which will allow users to show off their personal taste in fashion, special interests, and pop culture in addition to doing such Bluetooth staples as answering and ending phone calls.

With over 400 different styles to choose from, ranging from sports teams to cartoon characters, Earloomz Earpieces are the first of its kind to allow the consumer to choose exactly what they want. Because of the new unique design of the earpiece, it provides more comfort to ones ear without having to deal with large, bulky buttons.

The Earloomz Earpieces will be available to purchase on www.Earloomz.com starting on the 4th of July. The GL 500 model includes a USB charger and an adjustable ear hook. MSRP starting at $59.99.

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