E3′s Early Access hours

E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo

This is directed to the Media people that are interesting in covering the E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo – that will be taking place in Los Angeles, May 10th to 12th next year.

If you want to have access to the show floor before the general public a.k.a. attendees do, your credentialing process has to be completed by April 13. This will give you 2 hours (9-11 a.m.) at the kiosks before all the other people join you. More information at e3expo.com

From e3insider.com we got some fun facts about the e3 in 2005: 1.7 million pounds of equipment is being hung from the ceiling of the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) — roughly the equivalent of 500 automobiles or 250 elephants. At e3insider.com there are photos, videos and all kind of useful info about last year's Event, so check them out.

Via gamasutra.com (original domain name!)

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