Dell Wasabi PZ310 Printer Makes Me Want Better Bluetooth

Dell Wasabi PZ310 Printer Makes Me Want Better Bluetooth

Lord knows that the Apple iPhone has crummy Bluetooth support; there is no A2DP support or file transfer support. Because of that, I have no real use for the Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile printer, which is too bad because the printer looks pretty snazzy. The Wasabi offers users a cheap, mobile, and environmentally sound way to have fun and fast prints – and without Bluetooth support, it just won't matter.

Using only special paper and the ZINK imaging processing process, the Dell PZ310 can quickly shoot out 2 x 3 inch full color prints from any mobile device that supports the Bluetooth File Transfer Protocol. The ZINK process is unique in that it does not require any ink cartridge or ribbon to create an image. Instead, the image is bonded directly to a special chemically treated paper. The printer itself also comes in a variety of colors included blue, red, and pink which will help it match any cell phone or netbook that a user might have.

The whole unit is very portable; in fact it only measures 4.8 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches. The tiny innovative printer will only run you $99 if your order soon. So, as long as you don't own an iPhone, the Dell Wasabi PZ310 might be something that you want to pick up.

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