Countact Lens Case Thinks So That You Don’t Have Too

Countact Lens Case Thinks So That You Don
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If you are at all familiar with David Allen's Getting Things Done cult philosophy, then you know that it is useful to have systems in place to think for you. The more time and energy that you do not spend on remembering things, the more "thinking-juice" you have for problem solving and producing. Putting these automated systems in as many places as possible can actually reap major benefits in your productivity. The Countact Lens Case, available from latestbuy is just the tool to think for you when it comes to contacts. It will only set you back $34.

This practical gadget helps you remember just how long you have had contacts in and when you need to change them. This may seem like a simple thing, but it honestly is a useful feature. Trust me, if you lose track of time in the contact lens department, the ramifications can be very painful, and your productivity can come to a screeching halt. This contact lens case, with a 14 or 30 day counter on a LCD screen, also reminds you with an audible beep when you are due for a change.

Simplifying your life and focusing on productivity can be as easy as freeing up a few brain cycles to focus on the tasks and projects that really matter. With the Countact Lens case, you might just be able to get the boll rolling in the right direction.

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