Corsair Flash Drive With Memory Display

Corsair Flash Drive With Memory Display

One of the frustrating things about any electronic storage medium is that you don't know how much space is left on it unless you have a computer handy. corsair addressed that problem today and threw in the solution to not knowing what your flash drive is carrying as well with their new Flash Readout USB 2.0 drives. The drives, which come in 1 GB and 2 GB capacities, feature a Bi-stable Cholesteric Display that displays capacity free via a 4 digit readout, capacity used bia a pie chart and an 11 character programmable display for you to enter the drive's contents.

One odd point: the Corsair website mentions that the display lasts for a year with a battery, but the drive sports a ten year warranty, which makes me wonder if the display is recharged when it plugs into a computer.


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