Cooking on the Road

Cooking on the Road

People and lawmakers complain that drivers don’t need additional distractions from the task at hand and hence love to crack down on talking on the phone, texting, or even putting a cell near one’s head. As such, as hard as it is top believe, one company believes there will be a market for those individuals who wish to make a grilled cheese sandwich on their way to work.

There are no laws on the books about driving and cooking sandwiches so why not? The Road Pro 12-Volt Sandwich Maker let’s anyone with a car become a quick-order chef. The unit plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket, features non-stick cooking plates, has a 5-foot power cord & a 90-day manufacturers warranty. Best of it all it goes for only $20.

And to think, a few years ago it was suggested that listening to the radio while driving was too dangerous to consider!

Here’s one of several online retailers hoping the Road Pro will appeal to the driver on your shopping list this holiday season.

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