Castrade CV-MP01 is May Not Be Best But it is Tiny

Castrade CV-MP01 is May Not Be Best But it is Tiny

Pico projectors are everywhere. While some are showing up on Time Magazine's top-ten lists, others are showing up in wine glasses. I know, that is a silly place to put a LED pico projector, but there is a purpose. The Castrade CV-MP01 is the smallest projector currently available.

The Castrade CV-MP01 weighs in at a mere 90 grams. The device itself is measures roughly 1.5" x 2.5" x 3". Packed into this diminutive package is a 10 lumen LED lamp rated for 10,000 hours. Output is 480×340, and there is also an included mono-speaker. Did I mention this thing will fit in a wineglass?

I wonder how long it will take for these little LED projection lenses to show up directly inside of devices. The next iPod or iPhone could really kick butt if you could project movies or video directly from the unit itself. Video conferencing with a projector and onboard camera could also revolutionize communication. Here's to the future – cheers! Just don't drink the projector please.

via Far East Gizmos

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