Casio PRX-2000T Does Everything But Help You Earn $1000

Casio PRX-2000T Does Everything But Help You Earn $1000

Ok, suppose for a moment that you weren't living in a world currently melting down economically. Also, pretend that you were the kind of person to spend $1000 on a watch. You would want that watch to do much more than simply tell time wouldn't you? Well, the Casio PRX-2000T is the watch for you in that imaginary world where money is no option.

The Casio PRX-2000T is more than a watch, it is a virtual, portable weather station, compass, and altimeter. It can sync-up with several wide-band signals that are used to calibrate such phenominal weather devices. In addition to the cosmic power, this watch also weighs in at a slight 105 grams, and it is only 11.3 millimeters thick. That is a lot of power in a little package.

If you are the type of adventurer, traveler, or rich weather watcher that demands a lightweight and powerful watch, then look for the Casio PRX-2000T on April 1. It will be available first in Japan, but will spread worldwide soon.

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