CarChip and CarChip Alarm


This is for Mom or Dad and provides piece of mind in the form of a USB device called CarChip. The number one killer of teenagers nationwide are not drugs, alcohol or violence (guess I was wrong!) it is the family car.

CarChip plugs under the steering wheel of any 1996 or later model vehicle in the port mandated for emission controls testing. CarChip is a smart chip that records up to 300 hour of driving data telling both how the vehicle is being driven and how the vehicle is performing.

At any time CarChip can be removed and download its data via a supplied USB cable and desktop software to the family PC where it can print time and date stamped reports of every driving trip, speeds reaches, hard braking events, hard accelerations and over 24 diagnostic readings.

It can even be set to turn of the pesky "Check Engine" light and records the error codes with plain English explanations of the error codes coming from the vehicles computer that are causing the problems, so you can take it up with your local mechanic.

The newest CarChip – CarChip alarm – is for teen driving and gives off an audio alarm in the vehicle with limits set for speed, braking or acceleration are exceeded. Limits can be easily set with the provided desktop software and CarChip Alarm is the answer to the "how is my driving" question for both parents and teens.

CarChip starts at $139 and the CarChip Alarm version is $179 available at retailers such as Auto Zone and Sears and available on-line at

More info on the CarChip

CarChip Usage

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