British Looking for Replacement of Real Life Q

British Looking for Replacement of Real Life Q

For you Bond fans: the real-life equivalent of Q, Martin Earwicker (who apparently looks like late Desmond Llewelyn, the original Q), is retiring from his post as the head of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). The DSTL is a government organization that employs 3,000 defense scientists and supplies the military and classified areas of the British government with a number of top secret gadgets. Among their list of inventions are LCDs, carbon fiber, flat panel speakers, infrared sensors, microwave radar and an electronic "dead letterbox" found by Russian agents last year in Moscow.

With Earwicker's retirement, the British Government is looking for his replacement and is advertising, appropriately enough, in the Sunday Times of London. Presumably a bit more background in the subject than, "I like gadgets and James Bond" is required (and you'll probably a British citizenship as well), but the opportunity to influence the world of spy gadgets awaits!

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