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Darren Rowse from ProBlogger started the Blogs Love Parade (it's actually called Blog Crush, but I just don't like those words), which seems like a very nice mini project. The idea behind this is to talk about a Blog that you admire/have a crush. (not an actual crush, but you get the idea)

I'll limit my crush to a topic related to Gadgets, and the winner is Pop GadgetPersonal Tech for Women.
By now you should be wondering, why is Tiago interested in a women's blog? Well, the thing is that it doesn't look like a Blog targeted for women.

Just look at the articles in the index page and if it didn't have the "innovative lifestyle for women" sentence in the banner, you'd never guess. Sure there are posts that are targeted for women only, like this one, but for the most part they are good ones and don't have a specific gender target.

So here are some reasons for my choice:

  • The blog design is simple, yet it looks very good and attractive
  • The writing style of all the authors is also excelent
  • Subject is similar to my blog – Gadgets
  • Their crew all have cool names like Mia, Camilla and Sabresha :)

If you like to know more about the Blog Crush, just visit ProBlogger

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