BFG Internet Traffic Cop


The BFG internet Traffic Cop is an interesting security device that can completely stop access to your computer via the internet and your local network at the touch of button.

Basically, the BFG Internet Traffic Cop sits between your computer and your network cable and physically disconnects your system from the cable without you having to reach behind your system and pull the cord yourself.

Sure, you could simply turn your computer off and get basically the same effect. Or even reach behind your system and unplug the network cable connected to your computer. I think this product will see the most use from non-technical computer users that fear disconnecting anything from their computers, less they incur the wrath of the IT person.

I also think that users that need to leave their systems on for various reasons, such as for late night automated local data backups, may well see benefit from the BFG Internet Traffic Cop.

That all said, the BFG Internet Traffic Cop is dead easy to set up and works like a charm. In the right environment with the right user, the BFG Internet Traffic Cop could be an very useful and welcome product. The BFG Internet Traffic Cop can be connected to your computer via either USB or CAT 5 cables.

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  • By bill, November 10, 2008 @ 4:04 pm

    is there an internet cop with a coax cable connector for time warner cable?

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