ASUS Presents Lamborghini VX2 Notebook Series

ASUS-Lamborghini VX2 Notebook Series

In case you have a lamborghini and would like to have a laptop associated with the same brand, you might be interested in the latest ASUS-Lamborghini Notebook Series which go by the code-name of VX2.

Design wise the new notebooks look pretty good, each one has the traditional yellow and black colors that make it look like a Lamborghini car, of course the logo is also present on the front cover of the laptop. Sadly there isn't much detailed information about the VX2 specifications besides the following – it will be shipped with Windows Vista and have Intel's Core 2 Duo processor + being Centrino-branded.

Stephan Winkelmann (President and CEO of Lamborghini) comments:

The birth of the new edition of the ASUS-Lamborghini notebook is no doubt the result of great efforts from both the design and computing technology sides. We are very pleased to say that the VX2 is a perfect translation of Lamborghini – in both body and spirit.


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