Archos Makes Sexy Portable Tablet Because Apple Won’t

Archos Makes Sexy Portable Tablet Because Apple Won't

The Archos 9 is the sexy, portable, and practical tablet that Apple refuses to make, and it runs Windows 7. I count that as a major win for Microsoft, Archos, and all of us tablet loving people out there. Archos is calling it the MiniPC the the super sexy tablet, but that is ok; it simply is a nice looking system that I think will make an impression on the computer markets. Ultimately, it is the evolution of the iPhone and the Netbook, and unfortunately for Cupertino, a PC manufacturer did it first.

The Archos 9 is an ATOM-based machine that should rival low-end desktops and mid level notebooks. It features an Intel ATOMâ„¢ Z515 processor, 1GB of RAM (upgradable to 2GB) an 80 GB hard disk, Bluetooth and WiFi. In Europe, the device will also come bundled with the antena and ability to receive DVBT TV signals. With Windows 7 added to the mix, this is going to be a killer machine. As far as user input, you can use the on-screen Windows keyboard, touch, and optical tracking mouse action. I can see myself watching Netflix streaming movies on this badboy while sitting on my couch, chatting over Skype, or simply browsing with it. It will be the center of many entertainment systems.

There is no word on cost yet, but an unlocked or unsubsidized iPhone 3GS will run you over $500. Considering the Archos 9 will eat an iPhone for lunch, it should probably cost approximately $1000, but I bet it will not cost over $700. Archos will announce the offical price and availability soon; I can not wait.

Archos 9 Product Page


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