Apple Stock Soars in Anticipation of iTablet

Apple Stock Soars in Anticipation of iTablet

Never mind the fact that details on Apple's rumored tablet device are sketchy at best, this past Thursday witnessed Apple's stock soar to an all-time high in response to a published report simply hinted that the "iTablet" as it's being called may in fact come to exist soon.

This even though the company has yet to admit that the device even exists! The report in question came from the Financial Times' (Wednesday) blog posting that said the company has secured a stage at a venue in San Francisco where it plans to make a major product announcement on January 26.

Insiders and stock traders alike are apparently unfazed by the fact that the report failed to mention the tablet and that Apple has declined to comment when questioned accordingly.

Shares of the company responsible for such devices as the iPod and iPhone hit $209.35 on Thursday, beating their previous all-time high of $208.71.

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