An alternative power source….

With the world economy in ruins, oil slowly running out, and the earth slowly threatening to kill us all with some climate change; it's important that we innovate with a new method of providing energy to the world.

So someone has. They've come up with the answer.

What is it, you ask? No, it's not solar, wind, or anything you might have heard of before; it's lemons.

Okay. I'll admit they arn't going to power your car, and that was a wee bit over dramatized, but heck, they CAN power things….just…small things.

Still, it's pretty cool to see a guy has made a rather swish looking clock which is powered by halfing a lemon and sticking it on the surface. Would like to know how long it takes the juice (pun intended) to run out however; replacing lemons daily would be more expensive than batteries!

Check it here

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