Air Conditioner with Solar Power

Air Conditioner with Solar Power

Solar Powered items are kind of overrated. I mean, everyone wants some free energy, and the sun is one of the most renewable energy sources. However, it doesn't always work for something like cars or flashlights.

However, for cases in which the sun is a problem, solar power is ideal. For example, the solar powered air conditioner. A company called SolCool has invented the V4, a DC powered air-conditioner. The unit is about two tons, but its solar-powered function would save power in big Texas office buildings. It claims that it can save seventy-five percent of power that normal AC units use. The system is charged during the day, and operates on its charge at night.

Via I4U

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  • By shan, July 19, 2008 @ 9:32 pm

    love this idea i would love to purchase this item please send me more details

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