8 Gig Nano?

8 Gig Nano?

DigiTimes reported on the 5th that Apple booked a considerable amount of manufacturering time at the factories of chip makers Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor for the construction of 2 Gbit NAND flash chips – the same sort of chips that Apple uses in the iPod Nano. The high amount of booking time and a report from industry analysts inSpectrum about the high probability of the debut of a higher capacity flash-memory-based mp3 player this month fueled rumors about the release of an 8 gig Nano some time in the near future…but the rumors have yet to be substantiated by anyone official. Ars Technica suggests that the Apple might be stocking up to meet demand for its back to school promotion, but as one of the commentors on Ars Technica's post points out, Apple could be using the promotion to get rid of older 4 gig Nanos in preparation for the 8 gig model…or they could be planning technology equivalent to the Hybrid Hard Disk Drives supported by Microsoft Vista.

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